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השאלות והתשובות שלי על סיישל

חברת מלונות היוקרה Constance ביקשו ממני לספר על החוויה שלי במלון Constance Ephilia באיי סיישל:

1. Please tell us a bit about yourself …who you are, profession, hobby etc

My name is Inbar Adin, I’m a Marketing Manager and Travel Content Creator. I manage social media accounts for companies and high-profile personalities. I love to travel the world and always make sure to post tips on how to find the best photos locations and views on my instagram @inbaradin

2. How would you describe the hotel?

Constance Ephelia has been true paradise from the moment we arrived. The endless beaches and pools options were everything we could dream of and more.

3. What are the activities you did during your stay at Constance Ephelia?

We started every morning with puddle boarding or kayaking in the magical north beach. Later we enjoyed the south beach pools and explored the hidden beaches.

4. Tell us about the food.

The culinary experience was amazing! We had so many restaurants to choose from and never left the resort. Every night we enjoyed different cuisine: Asian, Mediterranean, Italian and more

5. List five things in your room that you liked the most? Why?

I LOVED our privet pool! We are family of 7 and the 3-bedroom villa with pool was just perfect for us. I liked waking up and see all the green palm trees outside my window. We also loved sitting every night at the outdoor living room.

6. If you were to re-live this experience again, what would you do differently and why?

I would embrace the fact that you don’t need to look for any activities outside the resort because the beaches there are the most beautiful in Seychelles.

7. A good friend of yours is going to Constance Ephelia - what would be your recommendations?

Treat yourself with one night at the hillside villa, it’s a dream come true, and the best location for Instagram photos 😊

8. Tell us about the spa village/Spa treatments?

The spa village is the most relaxing place in the resort, and we even enjoyed it on a rainy day.

9. What little touch from the team at Constance Ephelia did you appreciate the most?

We loved the little surprises that house-kipping left us, all the towels shaped into animals was just the cutest. Also, after being there for few day (out of our 10 days there) the crew in the restaurants started to recognize us and even remembered what wine do we love.

10. List the 5 ‘must-bring’ items to Constance Ephelia?

Swimsuit – that’s what you will wear day to night basically.

Camera / a lot of free space on your phone – there are so many beautiful places in the resort, we just couldn’t stop filming.

Nice outfits for dinner – it’s always fun to dress up at night after long day at the beach.

Practice on your riding skills because bicycles are the best way to go around the resort.

Beachwear – always a good idea for some cute vacation photos.

11. What has been your Constance Moment?

My Constance Moment was getting to the beach for the first time and I remember that “WOW” that we all said together. That WOW feeling stayed with us during our 10 perfect days in Seychelles.


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